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The 7 Passed Out Drunks You Have to Step Over on St. Paddy’s Day.

Pocky Chinchilla March 17, 2017 March 17th, 2017

From the moment you pass that first drunken reveler, dressed in green and brown-bagging a Four Loko You know that St Patricks day has returned.

I too would not want anyone knowing i was drinking a Four Loko.

And as much as as we all love parades, celebrations of Irish pride, Shamrock shakes, and having yet another excuse to put avocado on everything we need to remember the age honored tradition of stepping over passed out revelers.

So in that Spirit, here’s a few people you’re bound to see tonight.


The “What Seems to be the Problem Officer”

“I was just looking for my keys”


The “I’ll Text you When I get home”

So close.


The, “I’m going to cuddle with the Toilet until I feel better”

Pray to the Porcelain God.


The “I don’t have friends anymore”

So refined.


The “I’m Just Gonna rest here a second”

Think how much you can save on a Chiropractor!


The Cadaver

Better than chalk.



The “Has a Guardian Angel

I hid your keys, but I left you water and a note.

Have fun out there tonight, and be safe! 🍀🍀🍀🍀