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Thankful React, Facebook’s Ultimate Power in Full Bloom

Zane Decker May 12, 2017 May 12th, 2017

Once a year on Mother’s Day weekend something truly remarkable happens. No, we aren’t talking about millions of people gathering to celebrate their maternal figure. We are, of course, talking about an ultimate power granted to Facebook users : the thankful react.

The Abraham-Hicks Emotional Guidance Scale is now complete

Throughout the year you find yourself reacting yourself in circles. You “like” that your friend’s garden is coming along. You “love” that photo of a cute lil’ bee inside of a flower collecting pollen. You’re “wowed” at how in-depth this image macro talks about the structural integrity of sandwiches. You’re “angry” that your distant relative has gotten a new dog and you’ll most likely never be able to pet it. You’re “sad” that your bud got pizza and didn’t invite you over to share. You can see that after a while this doesn’t really cover the most compassionate of all emotions : appreciation.

the aforementioned cute lil bee getting some pollen from a thankful react

Mother’s Day weekend rolls around and we find our posts on Facebook adorned in violet flowers. The reaction, thankful, may be used sparingly by some but often by others. Thankful react is a small little button of appreciation to show someone “hey, i’m thankful for you and what you post on Facebook.”┬áIs this not what being thankful is about ? It’s the short graciousness we pepper into our manners to let the world know we care.

When given something for a limited time only it’s hard not to indulge in it’s use. One may be so thankful, so utterly gracious for their friends and family on Facebook that they go down their newsfeed just filling their screen with violet flowers. To that I say, go forth and thank. Fill your screen with violet flowers ! Thankful react to people’s comments ! Go through your friend’s profile photos and thankful react them, because at the end of the day you truly are thankful for their existence.

When Mark Zuckerberg (CEO of Facebook) hands us down the golden gift of thankfulness once a year we should revel in it’s glory. It’s the time of year that you could truly show your friends and family how thankful you are to be able to see their beautiful thoughts and faces strewn across the Internet’s very own