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Test Your Immaturity By Reading These Actual Place Names

Audrey O'Brien October 12, 2016 October 12th, 2016

Let me tell you anecdote from my storied life. When I studied abroad in London, my best friend came to visit me, and the second she stepped off the tube (that’s the British version of the subway. I’m cultured. I know things.) she said to me: “Why didn’t you tell me there was a stop called ‘Cockfosters?’ I laughed every time they said it. People stared.”

Boy, she’s going to have a BALL when I send her the names collected here.

For example: Penistone in South Yorkshire

Thanks to Reddit (a phrase I don’t type often), which started a thread about the funniest/silliest names in the U.K., we now have a wealth of information about mistakes (other than Brexit) England has made.

I almost googled ‘when did butt become a common colloquialism,’ but I’m not dedicated enough to my research to want that in my search history.

Some other of the U.K.’s greatest hits include: Sandy Balls in Hampshire, Brown Willy in Cornwall, Shitterton in Dorset and Wetwang in Yorkshire. If you didn’t laugh we can’t be friends.

For more, knock yourself out on Reddit. The wealth of names, it seems, is never-ending.

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