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Teleport Your Hologram Self: Relive Your Memories

Wyatt Otero November 17, 2016 November 17th, 2016

You may think the future is Star Wars-style holograms, but the truth is, it’s way way cooler.

With Holoportation, a new technology developed by Microsoft Research, users can send a hologram version of themselves anywhere, while a person on the other end can put on special goggles and see you as if you’re right there in person. Allowing things like business meetings to become a lot more personal, while opening up entirely new options for people with family members across seas or even just across town.

Watch as former partner research manager Shahram Izadi has a conversation with his daughter at work, as she interacts with the environment around her, making it feel like she’s really in the room. Then it gets even crazier as he plays back their entire conversation, allowing him to re-watch his memory of the interaction from a third party perspective.

Check it out:

Now of course this tech is still fresh, and comes with a few more hurtles to cross. As of right now, anyone wanting to use the system would need to be surrounded on every side by 3D motion-capture cameras, which is pretty limiting considering it’s future prospects.

But even as it is now, you could imagine an over-seas military base equipped with a holoportation-enabled room that could allow actively-enlisted persons to not just speak with their families, but visit them practically in the flesh.

Usually when tech videos like these drop, they’re more headlines than actual practice. But this already looks like it could be an incredibly applicable device, even in it’s current form.

You may not be able to be in two places at once, as the video suggests, but you can sure as hell get close.

Source: Motherboard