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Teen Writes Essay on Papa John’s Pizza and Gets Into Yale

Miri Malek June 12, 2017 June 12th, 2017

Carolina Williams is just like everyone else. She’s a teen from Tennessee and she loves pizza. So much, in fact, that she wrote an essay for her Yale application about her passion for Papa John’s. In her own words, “one thing I love to do is order pizza and have it delivered to my house.” On the arrival of pizza, she writes “It smells like celebration, as I love to rejoice a happy occasion by calling Papa John’s for my favorite food.”

This essay, full of honesty, bravery, and cheesy carbohydrates, got her into Yale. She received a personal, handwritten letter and a personal email from admissions praising her for her passion for pizza.

“As soon as I saw the prompt that said, ‘Write about what you love to do,’ that was the literally the first thing that came to mind because I just love to order pizza so much,” Williams told AL.com.

Yale may be an Ivy, but they don’t have a Papa John’s on campus.

It’s obvious she’s a person who knows what she loves, and loves to keep it close to home. She turned down Yale’s acceptance, even though they only accept 6.3% of applicants, and chose to go with Auburn University in Alabama instead. She’s the first person in her family to attend college.

Papa John himself took notice of her gushing zeal for their slices and garlic sauce. Good news for Carolina. He made her a personalized video congratulating her on her college acceptances, and, like a kind and benevolent pizza genie, granted her three wishes. He’s going to throw her a pizza dorm party for all of her new college friends. She’s getting an internship with Papa John’s, perfect for Carolina, since she plans to study business. And, third, the company reached out to her personally and promised her free pizza for a year.

Lesson learned. Be honest to yourself and others about your passions, and you’re guaranteed to be rich in pizza.