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This Teen Could Be Your Benevolent Overlord

Elizabeth Goldstein August 23, 2017 August 23rd, 2017

If you live in Kansas, you may be presented with the option of voting for a 16-year old as your governor in a few months…

Even though Wichita teen Jack Bergeson can’t legally cast a vote for himself, that’s not stopping him from running for office in Kansas.

Bergeson, a junior at The Independent School in Wichita, is running to be governor of Kansas, and there is no current law on the books that is getting in his way.

The ambitious teen informed the Kansas City Star that he sought out to be the Democratic nomination in 2018 and that it will be an “anti-establishment” campaign focusing on bringing a “clean slate” to Topeka.

“Under Kansas law, there is no governing the qualifications for governor, not one,” said Bryan Caskey, director of elections at the Kansas secretary of state’s office. “So there’s seriously nothing on the books that lays out anything, no age, no residency, no experience. Nothing.”

Bergeson’s response to this, “Oh, I could do that.”

“I could do that.”


“I thought you know, let’s give the people of Kansas a chance,” Bergeson said. “Let’s try something new that has never really been tried anywhere else before.”

Maybe he is just  a sore loser over not getting elected High School president, but he seems to know what he stands for. In a phone interview with the Kansas City Star, Bergeson says he looks up to Bernie Sanders, Ross Perot, Jesse Ventura and former President Dwight Eisenhower.

The teen wants to “radically change” the health care system and pledged his support to fully legalize marijuana for medical purposes. He’s also willing to explore legalization for recreational use 😉

However he is more conservative when it comes to gun rights. He supports the right to open carry.

Check out his segment on Jimmy Kimmel to see what he’s all about and how he holds speaking to crowds crowds outside of his English class.