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Tanji: A New Feminist Version of ‘Fandango’

Elizabeth Goldstein May 26, 2017 June 6th, 2017 Tanji Logo


Founders Amy Hobby, Melinda Fox, and Anne Hubbell

It can be hard wading through long lists of male directors, looking for some more relatable content.

Seattle entrepreneur Melinda Fox knows this. And so she and a few others created Tanji. Tanji is a women -centric version of an app like fandango. “It focuses on movies, TV, and online content that

  • Significantly features women in acting roles & storytelling
  • Is created by, written by, directed by, and/or produced by women
  • Populates crew and behind the scenes positions with women”

Tanji emphasizes intersectionality, amplifying all types of women’s stories, queer women, indigenous women, disabled women, and women of color are where some of their emphasis is placed.

Tanji’s website makes the reasonable argument that women are, surprise surprise, not a niche audience! Women make up 51% of audiences, they are consistently the majority of moviegoers. However, they are not always realistically reflected back to themselves on the screen 🙁

So, in order to support women filmmakers, the app notifies you during opening time for a film made by or featuring women. Opening week is a critical time for a film, and if you have the app you have the #purchasingpower to help out female movie creators. And hey, you’ll probably even see a great movie by somebody you relate more to.

So how did this app get started? Founder Miranda Fox kept a running list of all the media she consumed which featured women prominently, either as actors, or as crew. Her friends would seek her out, asking to see the list. So she decided there was a better way to give people the much needed information on rising female directors. The app debuted at Tribeca Film Festival, so that feminist festival go-ers could more easily navigate the scene.

My only qualm with this app is that they didn’t use the opportunity to call themselves femme-dango. But I understand Fandango may have some copyright issues with that…