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Super Cute Cartoons Depicting the Macabre Reality of Life

Selin Kilic February 23, 2016 February 23rd, 2017

As humans, we usually try to make light of our bad situations. Had your arm cut off, “Tis but a scratch!” Take one from author Gypsie Raliegh’s book: When life knocks you down, make cute, sad pictures about it. (No but really, she did just publish a novel so check it out: Soolie Beetch and the Dying Light). Or just look at these ‘minor flesh wound’ pictures below:


Here’s an ice-cold example of love:


How about this gruesome reality check?


This is a healthy dose of truth when you don’t want to let your enemies know you’re sinking:


Don’t forget about what it’s like having children!


And always remember, no one cares about your life burning around you.


Need more sad-spirational photos? Take your teary eyes over to the Portland, OR native’s Instagram.

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