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‘Stranger Things’ Eleven Grows Up To Be Elle Woods?

Audrey O'Brien October 4, 2016 October 4th, 2016

El becomes Elle. It’s not the wildest story to come from fan fiction, but it certainly is creative.

Australian writer Kaitlyn Plyley took it upon herself write a Stranger Things/Legally Blonde crossover fan fic on her blog. Here’s a snippet:

“Years later, at Harvard Law, Emmett Richmond would tell her that her blonde hair gave her a power she underestimated, and that he hoped she would channel it to use for good. She smiled a little: here was somebody who had an inkling of what she was.”

I guess it does make sense for one female icon to grow into another?

No word on how accurate this fan theory is, but I guess it’s just another reason we need season 2 ASAP.

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