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Step-by-Step Guide to Make Your Own DIY Fidget Spinner Out of Real Cars

Miri Malek July 4, 2017 July 4th, 2017

Be honest, you’re probably spinning as you’re reading this. Some people use to to alleviate stress, others because they believe it helps with attention issues, but TBH, the vast majority of folks have this thingy-gadget because it’s trendy.

The thing about trends, is that they can’t just stay in their own lane. They expand, reproducing and infesting every area of daily life. There’s consumable spinners, like these cookies. You can change your look to reflect the trend. For one, there’s a hair cut in its likeness. For a glam spin on that style, you can get a manicure with spinner nail-art. The tiny fidget spinners on the nails actually work.

Well, some guys in Russia made a 3-car fidget spinner. We broke down their methodology into 10 easy steps just for you. Now you can make your own DIY fidget out of cars, in your own backyard!***

***Please don’t try this at home. This is a total joke. These guys actually did build a fidget spinner out of cars, which might be legal in Russia, but probably not, and besides, it defies the laws of nature and is DANGEROUS

Step 1: Know Your Spinner

Obviously, you have to spin the spinner in order to get a hands-on understanding of the mechanics.

Step 2: Find three old cars

An old beat up model will work just fine

Step 3: Cut those cars in half

You gotta use power tools for a power spin.

Step 4: Pull

Just, like, pull that whole car into pieces.

Step 5: Stick em back together

So here you just kind of melt the sides together with some fire.

Step 6: Get three of your closest friends to each take a wheel.

They’re not moving. They wiggled like this for a long, long time.

Step 7: Start spinning.

Step 8: Kick it up a notch

If any of your engines catch fire, just pop the hood open.

Step 9: Don’t forget the aerial drone footage

This is essential for the full visual experience.


Step 10: Spin until you can’t spin no more

Well, this was the obvious conclusion to the fidget spinner craze. Life has reached total saturation point with the fidget spinner. Can we just tow it off and declare it dead, please?