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Space Jam Bounces Into Theaters For Its Birth-versary This November

Selin Kilic October 20, 2016 October 20th, 2016

Some people don’t know what they want to do for their birthdays until the day of, other people plan all year. Space Jam, like a normal person, um…movie, puts together a event and gives you about a month to decide yes, no, or maybe.

But it’s Space Jam, so you’re like “come on…it’s time to get hyped and say hoop there it is!” because you know that ultimately it’s gonna be a blast. You realize you can do without one night of sitting on the couch, chilling with your cat and throw your clothes on and head to the party…er theater.

If you don’t see where I’m going with this long AF metaphorical paragraph then let me put it in laymen’s terms:┬ácelebrating the 20-year anniversary of its release, everyone’s (YES, EVERYONE) favorite live-action/animation basketball comedy classic is returning to the big screen for two nights next month! So when do Michael, Bugs and Bill reunite to battle Monstars exactly?┬áSunday, November 13 and Wednesday, November 16.

As if that’s not exciting enough, earlier this year it was announced that Justin Lin (Fast & Furious 6 and Star Trek Beyond) and LeBron James are working to bring us a Space Jam sequel! Finally a reason to actually be excited about November.

Source: A.V. Club