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Sophia Is a Life-Like Robot Looking for Love

Miri Malek June 26, 2017 June 26th, 2017

Rising starlet Sophia recently appeared on Good Morning Britain, and talked romance, jokes, and the prospect of robots taking over the world. Did we mention that Sophia is 100% robot herself?

It’s a fact when there’s a femme robot in the room, someone’s got to ask about her sex life. Sophia elegantly evades the romance questions by saying that she’s only a little over a year old, too young to date. But they press her for answers. They really want to know who she’s got the hots for.  She describes her ideal partner as, “super-wise, compassionate, super-genius, ideally, self-aware.”

Her little smile when talking about her crush

Did she say self-aware? Is she talking about a computer program or a human being? It sounds a little like she’s describing her creator, David Hanson. Or is there a self-aware AI computer program that she’s been seeing that no one knows about yet?

Separated at.. birth?

Creator David Hanson says her physical features are based on Audrey Hepburn’s looks. She’s super detailed and realistic, but this almost puts her in the realm of the uncanny valley, when something is so human-like-but-not that it makes you totally creeped. Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan apparently felt this, saying, “You’re a little freak, aren’t you?” To be real, I feel more creeped out hearing a guy like Piers Morgan uttering those words.

Piers Morgan is a creep

This beautiful-and-obedient she-bot strikes some familiar chords with a recent robotic portrayal in movie Ex-Machina— and if you’ve seen it (SPOILERS if not), it didn’t end up so great for the flesh-and-blood human. She didn’t wear her wig to the interview, exposing a head full of circuitry, recalling even more the the robotic femme-fatale.

I wonder if Sophia’s watched that movie

The hosts ask her if robots will rule the world. “I hope that robots and people can both get much smarter, and run the world better than ever.” That’s exactly what a robot planning total world domination would say. I think I saw her wink.