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Snapchat Takes Augmented Reality to the Next Level with Whole World Lens

YUYU Staff May 16, 2017 June 6th, 2017

Notice the update notification for Snapchat on your phone? Snapchat is yet again moving the selfie game forward with the new “World Lens.” Because of course snapchat’s next step is to let you put an emoji over The Whole World. The world lens uses the technology of filters (remember face swapping? the puking rainbows filter?), but applied to the outward facing camera.

So yes, snapchat has answered your prayers. You finally have the option of taking a video of your dog while a LOL hovers above your pup’s head.

Here’s how you do it. Just like with selfie filters, all you have to do is tap, and hold the camera screen. You then select one of the new lenses, which change daily. The first round consisted of a cloud, a rainbow, flowers, and a floating “OMG.”  These hovering images get relatively larger or smaller, depending on if you zoom in or out. They also move according to the angle of your shot. Pretty next level.

What does this all mean mean? Now not only are your selfies a potential canvas for some augmented reality hijinks, but anything you can see through your rear-facing camera is too. Maybe this will cause a shift in snapchat culture away form the selfie. You’ll start getting less selfies and face swaps, and more videos and pictures of surrounding people and places. Advertisers are already seeing the potential popularity of it. Warner Brothers is first to advertise using Snapchat’s World Lens, promoting it’s new movie “Everything, Everything.” Next up, Netflix and Dunkin’ Donuts will be advertising their latest products.

Check it out for yourself! Because whether you like it or not, you know as soon as your friends get around to updating their phones you are going to be receiving some snaps of rainbows. Maybe even some donuts falling from the sky.




This Article was originally written byElizabeth Goldstein