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This Shrine To Terry Crews Is Something We All Need In Our House

Marisa Winckowski July 24, 2017 July 24th, 2017

When given the opportunity to housesit for his brother and his brother’s fiance, Reddit user BiPolarBear911  took it upon himself to do some redecorating.

The redditor decided to dedicate the entryway of his brother’s home to everyone’s favorite gentle giant and American treasure Terry Crews, who thoroughly deserves it- notably for his roles as overworked father Julius Rock on Everybody Hates Chris, yogurt-addicted detective Terry Jeffords on Brooklyn 99, and a nameless screaming man in the Old Spice commercials- a role that often makes us forget he also played as a linebacker for the NFL.

Crews saw the shrine built in his honor and responded on Twitter:

Nothing better to motivate you during a workout than framed pictures of yourself surrounded by candles. His wife should reconsider.

To be fair, this isn’t a completely original idea- it isn’t the first time a prank like this was pulled. Someone also recently built a similar shrine to Princess Di in order to mess with their roommate:

Or this classic, when a teen from Wisconsin replaced photos of his family with photos of Steve Buscemi, to see if they would notice.

More fun and harmless pranks like these, please. It’s easy and nobody gets hurt. And it gives us some quality home decor inspiration.