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Self-Five! This Twitter Guy Achieved The Ultimate Selfie

Katie Cannon October 10, 2016 October 10th, 2016

God bless the internet, that depthless sacrosanct hole of stream-of-consciousness creativity and meta-revelations–a place where technological innovation and late-night boredom meet & greet & make viral babies.

Today’s gold medal in Internetting goes to Twitter user/engineering student Seth Schneider, who gained overnight stardom for realizing #goals that even the most seasoned Instagrammers hadn’t considered possible: he took a hands-free, selfie-stickless selfie–that captured him giving himself a high-five. 

This really works as a metaphor for the internet, on like, several increasingly complex levels.

Schneider posted the pic Saturday afternoon; as of this writing, it has 168,000 retweets–not to mention a whole host of copycats replying with their own attempts at the self-five mirror selfie.

Schneider, it turns out, was more than happy to wield his newfound fame for good, giving advice to those who wanted to give his epic selfie a try.

But he did feel the need to add a disclaimer to his ‘about’ section–he can’t be held responsible for any broken phones. Luckily, his followers were willing to take smart precautions before risking their iPhone’s safety–many put down pillows, and several even managed to take better selfies than the original.


We admit that we tried the stunt at our office with less than stellar results. What do you think? Will you give the self-five selfie a try?

Via Mashable