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SEINFELD Rebooted With An All-Hamster Cast [Video]

Katie Cannon November 11, 2016 November 11th, 2016

Nostalgia’s literally everything these days. Hits from 20-years ago are resurging harder than ever, getting new-and-improved next-gen makeovers to appeal to olds and youths alike. You may have thought SEINFELD, Larry David’s iconic “show about nothing,” would be safe from the remake treatment.

You would be wrong. ¬†SEINFELD’s been mercilessly rebooted with a zesty new twist: instead of using¬†the original sitcom’s cast of all-white, bougie asshole humans, Mashable’s reimagined them as hamsters!

The general conceit of HAMSTERFELD is nothing but fluffy hamsters squeaking around in scale model of a New York apartment. There’s a very enthusiastic studio audience. It’s adorable.

Check it out:

Via Mashable