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See What The Baby From Nirvana’s Iconic “Nevermind” Album Cover Looks Like 25 Years Later

Katie Cannon September 26, 2016 September 26th, 2016

25 years ago, up-and-coming rock band Nirvana paid a friend $200 to let them drop his baby in a pool. Little did they know, the resultant photo would make for one of the most iconic album covers–for one of the most iconic albums–of all time.

Nowadays, that paper-chasing baby is still chasing what little fame and paper his infant glory days can still afford him. Every 5 years, Spencer Elden recreates the photo with his updated physique.

Why? To show how much time has past since the album’s grounbreaking release–to highlight the strange simultaneous timelessness and impermanence of art? Nah. Seeing as the guy has had NEVERMIND tattooed in overbearing cursive across his chest since the last “Where are they now” reenactment, we’d wager Elden’s hoping his baby fame will get his present-day self laid.

Elden has reportedly tried to get the photographer to do “a real-deal re-enactment shot”–meaning, fresh-from-the-womb nude–but begrudgingly sported swim shorts when the photographer resisted. It seems he wants to let the people know that he’s all grown up…IN THE PENIS AREA. ““I always say, “[My penis has] changed, do you want to see it,” he said to CNN after the last recreation, 5 years ago. And “sooner or later” he promises to get his “completely naked” shoot.

This time around, though, it seems he was more willing to compromise artistic integrity in his recreation–he didn’t even include the photo’s iconic dollar bill!


But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t still holler for a dollar, honey boo boo.

“Every five years or so, somebody’s gonna call me up and ask me about Nevermind,” Elden once told Rolling Stone, “and I’m probably gonna get some money from it.”


And may you continue to profit from your underwater adventure, Spencer.


Here’s two of past recreations, in 2001 and 2006:




Thanks for coming as you are after all these years, Spencer. You’ve really entertained us.


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