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Clone Hunter

In a distant future, in an age of intelligent machines, the wealthy and powerful live their lives to the fulle...

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Birch, a young man living in the Catskill Mountains, reunites with his childhood friend from the city, Andrew.

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The House of Suh

Explore the chilling psyche behind one of the most notorious crimes in modern American history. Andrew Suh, a ...

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A Lifetime Treasure

In this raucous dramedy, an old grudge drives a mob boss to plot to destroy an old folks home (populated by so...

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Dead Creatures

A group of young women afflicted with a horrible disease resort to cannibalism. The gruesome second installmen...

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You'll never Be Alone

When his cross-dressing teenage son suffers a brutally violent attack, a mannequin-factory manager desperately...

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The Search for Weng Weng

Guerilla filmmaker Andrew Leavold's documentary chronicles the unbelievable true story of the real-life, 2-foo...

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A disturbed man visits a psychologist after a suicide attempt. The psychologist explores his past unraveling c...

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Durban Poison

Following a police investigation into four murders, this road movie charts the doomed romance of its two prota...

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A Haunting

Through mesmerizing first-person accounts and dramatic recreations, A Haunting delves into the true and horrif...

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Janan, a woman from Afghanistan, travels to the UK for artificial insemination. Cultural, religious, and moral...

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The Blood of my Brother

Looking at the Iraq War from the Iraqi point of view, this documentary tells the story of Ibrahim, a teenage b...