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Scientists Develop Solar-Powered Synthetic Skin

Wyatt Otero March 24, 2017 May 1st, 2017

Synthetic skin meant for prosthetic limbs, have been developed with the ability to generate it’s own power from the sun.

For real.

An electronic skin with incredible touch-sensitivity has already been developed, but it needed a power source. Previously it required batteries to operate, but thanks to some researchers from Glasglow University, it can now run on pure organic energy.

The skin uses graphene, which is about one million times thinner than paper and is currently the world’s strongest material.

Dr Dahiya said: “Human skin is an incredibly complex system capable of detecting pressure, temperature and texture through an array of neural sensors which carry signals from the skin to the brain.”

But it seems they are on their way to replicating that process through technology. He says the newly developed sensors can now detect touch, temperature, and texture.

“This from prosthetic point of view leads to a skin that lets an amputee feel plus, without any additional battery, the prosthetic limb will be lighter.”

He says the skin generates more power than it even needs, so they are now looking to develop batteries that can store the excess energy for use when solar power isn’t an option.

Usually when we hear of technological advancements like this one, we assume it’s many years away from coming to fruition.

But the scientists at Glasglow are making a point to prove that old trope true:

The future, is right now.

(Via BBC