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“Scarface School Play” Video Is Making The Internet Very Angry/Happy

Wyatt Otero January 10, 2017 January 10th, 2017

The internet is going crazy over a video of children acting out a scene from Scarface, in what appears to be a school play. Just since monday, the video has been re-tweeted over 100,000 times. 

With some seriously great set design (that security camera screen – priceless) paired with a surprisingly well-rounded cast, this just might be the film of the year.

But not everyone is so stoked on the idea that a school play would feature horrible violence, drugs, and misogyny.


The truth, as it turns out, is a little different:

The video was originally posted to YouTube under the title “Scarface School Play” in 2010, when it also went viral. But it was later revealed that the whole project was put together by music video director Marc Klasfeld. He did it with professional child actors in a theater in Los Angeles’ Koreatown.

So now you have no reason to be angry at the school system, and can instead focus on how hilarious this whole thing is. And even if it was just for a little social-art project…that’s super clever!

I saw Scarface at an age in which I was forbidden to see “R” rated films. But my dad loved the movie, and because he loved it so much, he forgot how awfully immoral it is.


Kids dressed up as cultural icons, forms a great ethical spotlight.

(Via Buzzfeed