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Salvador Dali’s Bizarre Cookbook Is Being Reissued

Wyatt Otero October 12, 2016 October 12th, 2016

Salvador Dali, the master of the surreal and eccentric, once wanted to be a chef.

For the first time in over forty years, we can get a glimpse into that alternate-reality. You see, Dali once wrote a full-on cookbook based on the incredible dinner parties he and his wife Gala used to throw. Parties that often included required costuming and wild animals roaming freely ’round the table. These gatherings were legendary, take a look:

Out of these insane, inebriated feasts came recipes for a cookbook straight out of…well, not not much hell, more like an Acid Test. It contains 136 recipes and is broken into 12 chapters, even including tons of illustrations and writings by Dali that riff on the ideas that inspired the recipes, or vice-versa. Recipes like “Thousand Year Old Eggs” and “Frog Pasties” has us thinking, and there is a definite feeling of cannibalism riding throughout, with many of the various illustrations reinforcing the horror-vibe.

Check out some shots of the cookbook below, and let us know, would you be down with Dali’s cultic-cookery?

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Source: My Modern Met