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Welcome to the Era of Reboots, Sequels, and Adaptations

Sara Elliot October 17, 2017 October 17th, 2017

If you take a look at the biggest movies that came out this year, last year, or the year before, it’s hard to find something completely original. Most of these films are based on the story or characters from a movie or book.

None of this is necessarily bad, since reboots or sequels can bring something fresh to the original stories. Still, it does make us wonder if there’s still room for 100% original content.

Take a look at these upcoming movies and what they’re based on. Will these be exciting new takes on well-known stories? Or just not-so-great attempts?

“Blade Runner: 2049” (2017)

The long awaited sequel to the 1982 sci-fi classic is doing pretty well with audiences. It keeps up with the original’s neo-noir element and brings new characters into the “Blade Runner” universe. Still, let’s not forget that the original film is actually an adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s 1968 novel “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?”.

“Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle” (2017)

Rumors had been swirling since 2012 about a possible remake for the 1995 “Jumanji”. With Robin Williams’ death in 2014, it seemed like the project would never happen. However, this December we’ll be seeing an action sequel where the board game has evolved into a video game. As for the audience’s reaction, we’ll have to wait and see.

“Pacific Rim: Uprising” (2018)

Almost five years after the original “Pacific Rim”, the sequel will happen. We’re not quite sure about how this makes us feel. Guillermo del Toro, the original director, is attached as producer, and some of the original cast members are back. However, with a new director, writer, and cast, we’ll have to wait and see what the sequel brings.

“Ocean’s Eight” (2018)

This one is both a sequel and spin-off to the “Ocean’s Trilogy”—which was itself a remake of the 1960 film “Ocean’s 11”. After the all-female “Ghostbusters” remake, it’s pretty exciting to see what “Ocean’s Eight” has to offer. On the other hand, it makes us wonder why we can’t have original female-led films.

“Mary Poppins Returns” (2018)


It’s hard to imagine how anything could measure up to the 1964 Disney classic with Julie Andrews as the lead. However, next year we’ll be seeing a sequel to “Mary Poppins”. The film will take place 20 years after the original and stars Emily Blunt as the magical nanny and Lin-Manuel Miranda, creator of the hit-musical “Hamilton”.