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Protestor’s IRL ‘Sausage Party’ At Film Awards

Selin Kilic December 7, 2016 December 7th, 2016

What started as a nice boys club meeting on Wednesday (sorry, I mean AACTA, Australia’s most prestigious TV & film awards) turned into a wild food fight style protest of phallic proportions.

In a delicious demonstration to highlight gender inequality in Australia’s film and television world, a group of women operating under Women in Film and Television of New South Wales (WIFT NSW) took the red carpet by storm, dressed sensibly as sausages.

The campaign aimed to emphasize the low instance of female nominations in this year’s awards:

“Women are making more content than ever before and this year’s nominations, that not only feature films but also television categories, are not at all reflective of this fact … a deeply disappointing and shameful situation for a body that proclaims to celebrate the width and breadth of screen excellence,” WIFT President, Sophie Mathisen, said in a statement.

As the women chanted in protest to “End the sausage party!” they also fell down across the red carpet in a sausage roll formation so perfectly, Beyonce would be impressed.

Seriously though, nothing makes a better statement about gender inequality like flailing sausages. NOTHING!

Don’t worry, no sausages were harmed during this event. However, security made sure they were all over those sausages. They squeezed them, grabbed them, tossed them and rolled them on out of there – although no biting was involved (that we know of).

So no, while this is not the live action version of the Seth Rogan (ADULT) animated comedy, it is equally hilarious, brilliant and focusing in on a truthfully important social issue.

Despite the silliness, and not to focus on the apparel of the women to detract from their important roles, the WIFT NSW’s call to action certainly made a bold statement on the red carpet. We truly hope to see AACTA follow up on their request for females to comprise 50% of the judges.

With only two of the 28 films preselected for AACTA awards directed by women WIFT NSW also requested a revision of criteria that makes films eligible for pre-selection. And thus, in lieu of the #oscarssowhite, we may just have to make a #AussiesSoSausage.

Just to demonstrate the amazing skills these women of TV and film can display should they be given the opportunity, they’ve made quite the campaign video – complete with an original soundtrack:

Source: Mashable