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Pros And Cons: Nintento’s New “Switch” Console

Wyatt Otero October 21, 2016 October 21st, 2016

Look, at the end of the day, the Switch is super cool. Every other major console is working on their next generation at the moment, but only Nintendo is trying to change the way we think about gaming itself. And usually, Nintendo does that well.


The system is an interesting one to break down, because for every good thing about it, there’s also a potential draw back. There cant be a Pro list separate from a Con list, because they’d end up looking exactly the same. Here are the best/worst things about Nintendo’s new console:

1. Play At Home / Play At….anywhere else.  

This is the obvious one. The great new option Nintendo is trying to change the industry with: the option to take your home console games on the go. Now, it makes great sense as to their motivation on this one, for years people have been trying to figure out a way to take their favorite games on the go (doing things like building an xbox/monitor system into a briefcase.) But now it’s just a matter of sliding the console out, sliding the controller (thingys) on, and then simply sliding right out the door.

The only real issue here, is do we really want that? Only two types of people coming to mind: commuters, and your kids. We will just have to see if that’s enough to make a difference.

2. The Games.

While it may sounds incredible that you can take Skyrim (as featured in the video) on the go, it’s also a really old game at this point. I would have serious doubts about the ability to make a game like DragonAge mobile. And that’s actually a huge concern, because with the new systems capabilities, if you cant make it mobile, then you can’t make it at all. We’ll see how that nice list of third party developers handles this.

3. The Sliding Controller.

Another great feature (and the source of the console’s name) is that taking your games mobile is as easy as sliding the controller off the gamepad and onto the mobile device. You don’t need to buy anything, and you wont have a piece of tech just sitting dormant if you don’t go outside. But then again, in designing a controller with so many moving parts, things are likely to get a little wonky. I don’t know about you, but the edges of the mobile-console don’t look super comfortable. And in the video, they even have a friend take the sliding parts off and use them as two individual controllers. Another feature that sounds awesome, until you realize it hasn’t been done for a reason. The nub of a controller, is way too tiny to play seriously with. I don’t see many hardcore gamers using this feature. Kids in the back seat however, are gonna kill it.

4. Its Tiny!

The console is small, compact, and uses every inch of its space brilliantly. But with such a small yet seemingly powerful system, two majors concerns come to mind. First off is storage, how can the Switch stand up against other consoles that come preloaded with two full TBs? And with games taking up more and more memory, this poses another concern for those third party developers. Secondly, when you take that powerful let light system on the go, how long will it stay alive? Forget dropping it (another concern) what Im really worried about is it dying too soon.

5. Price 

We don’t know anything on this one yet. But as Dave Thier at Forbes smartly suggested: “If the Switch comes in above $299, we’re going to have some big problems on our hands.”

It looks like it could be potentially great, or potentially terrible, but most of all…it has potential.

Source: Forbes