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Profuse Bleeding Forces Pitcher Out of ALCS Game

Audrey O'Brien October 18, 2016 October 18th, 2016

Baseball is rarely exciting, but sometimes freak gruesome accidents happens that ups the entertainment factor.

The Cleveland (why the fuck haven’t they changed this name yet) Indians are currently playing the Toronto Blue Jays in the American League Championship series or the ‘ALCS’ (it means semifinal. Why can’t they just say that?).

Unfortunately for Cleveland pitcher Trevor Brauer, he had to sit out Game 2 of the series after slicing his finger while playing with a drone. Yeah. This is his story:

So I plugged it in, like I’ve done thousands and thousands of times, and for whatever reason it was sitting like this, I was plugging the battery in and my finger happened to be right here, and for whatever reason these three propellers didn’t spin like they were supposed to and this one spun up at max throttle. It never happened to me before. I have no idea why it happened. And my finger just happened to be in the way of the prop and it cut me.”

Ok, while I truly feel this story is the deepest form of bullshit (let’s be real, he was definitely doing something more stupid or embarrassing with the drone than turning it on), I’m also kind of upset that this was a real press conference: the topic being the extreme detail of one man’s time paying with his drone.

So onto Game 3, Brauer, clearly trying to have a Jordan Flu Game moment, was out on the field, ready to pitch. Spoiler alert: he failed.

Surprise of all surprises, it turns out fingers are important when accomplishing tasks such as throwing a small ball. During the very first inning, Brauer’s pinky began profusely bleeding, and he was promptly removed from the game.

Let this be a lesson to all professional athletes: drone with caution.

via Buzzfeed