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Pizza Drone! Watch Dominoes Make It Happen

Wyatt Otero November 16, 2016 November 16th, 2016

The idea of robotic, flying, pizza delivery may have seemed a little outlandish (and perhaps unnecessary) five years ago, but it’s 2016…

…the year of the drone!

With giant companies like Disney getting permission to fly drones in their parks, and Amazon diving into similar grounds with their delivery services, it certainly feels that way. The newest corporate giant to join the party is Dominoes Pizza, who has successfully delivered a pizza via drone to a real, paying customer in New Zealand.

The order was for peri-peri chicken pizza, and a chicken and cranberry pizza (blasphemy! screams New York) ordered at 11:19 am local time. Which, we can admit, seems a little early for pizza maybe.

But it was a perfect time for drones, as the delivery was successful enough to have Dominoes looking to it’s robotic future with high-hopes.

Maybe it was just me, but that felt a little awkward.

I don’t think America’s league of 19 year-old stoners needs to fret about their career prospects quite yet, as the drone delivery required a freakin helipad to land the pizza on. Although I’m sure that wouldn’t be the case if they fully implemented the system, it sure seems like they aren’t quite there yet.

But for the tech-savy among us, there are more than a few positives here. For one, the drone flies completely autonomously¬†based on GPS coordinates, which is super cool. Beyond that, Dominoes says the robotic service wont displace jobs, it will actually create them. Although the endeavor is a partnership with¬†Flirtey (a drone delivery start up,) the pizza giant says it will require a specialist, hired by Dominoes, to oversee the flights. Although if you’re replacing a fleet of delivery persons for a single drone specialist (or even a few,) it’s not super clear how that doesn’t still end up in lost jobs.

But anyway…

Flying pizza.


Source: Mashable