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Post-Drought Wildflower Super Bloom In California Can Be Seen From Space

Gina Ginsberg April 18, 2017 May 2nd, 2017

For four years, California has experienced substantial droughts brining on water restrictions. But after a wet winter, massive flower fields are in full bloom and you can even see the difference from outer space!

Check out the difference below from an aerial perspective of the California poppy reserve:

Native to California and Mexico, the California Poppy has had a good bloom recently, however has thinned out it part by humans trampling them for photos.

The poppy is particularly fun because they a a kind of flowers which interacts anthropomorphically in the world. The flower heads open up 2-3 inches in the sunshine and stay shut during cloudy days, and are closed and asleep at night.

Chias and California poppies, which only open in direct sunlight, Diamond Valley Lake.

Below you can see the intense bloom via satellite of the Los Padres National Forest. Forest officials actually say that there may have been too much rain for some varieties as California poppies and lupine thrive in a slightly dryer environments.

This widespread bloom of wildflowers that can be seen from space also include fiddleneck, baby blue eye, Purple phacelia, and yellow daisies.

Cattle are driven to a new pasture against painted mountains.

Via: WashingtonPost

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