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PornHub Users Take V-Day Seriously

Wyatt Otero February 13, 2017 February 13th, 2017

While we all know that Hallmark and Italian restaurants make a killing on Valentines day, there are other companies that actually suffer from the mood-of-love. And surprisingly, the business of watching people make it is one of them.

PornHub recently released their insights from the holiday, and it’s clear that people aren’t looking for virtual love. (According to Mashable, however, dating apps like Tinder actually see an increase in activity.)

The 14th, apparently, is all about being “in the flesh.”

Sensibly enough, activity drops starkly right about the time you leave the house for the evening. But then it shoots back up by 10, which means that (while still slightly under average) people are really only breaking from porn during their date. Once they get back home, it’s fair game.

We’d like to think that’s the result of some open-minded couples, and not the consolation of a thousand bad dates. 

The other interesting insight released was that the searches for content become more romantically-based on V-day (again, lets apply the above mentality.) With searches for things like “love” and “romance” shooting skyward, as well as a huge increase in the search for the word “valentine.”

While we’d love to really take a moment to speculate a world in which we know exactly what types of porn everyone is watching, the urge must be resisted (and thereby replaced by a thoughtful graphic.)

It’s all real nice that people are watching romantic computer sex on the day of love…but take a moment to be negative:

133% increase of women looking for a “quickie” porno. 

Hopefully those are single women, and not just unsatisfied ones. But either way, it’s certainly something to think about.

(Via Mashable)