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Photographer Documents Creepy Abandoned Toilets of London [Images]

Audrey O'Brien November 28, 2016 November 28th, 2016

We all know it: that finding a public restroom struggle. There’s even multiple apps dedicated to locating bathrooms to use when you’re on the go.

In London, this problem is their own creation, giving that ‘public convienences’ used to exist around the city courtesy of engineer George Jennings who clearly knew sometimes people just need to use the toilet and can’t hold it until they get home.

Photographer Agnese Sanvito decided to get a little historical and take a series of photos documenting these abandoned outposts. The bathrooms were “tiled underground chambers marked by iron railings or arches at street level,” as seen in the photos.  These were actually estbalished in Victorian era London, but this is clearly a problem that remains #relateable.

Clearly, some of the old bathrooms were simply left to decay, but a lot of them have since been transformed into cafes, bars and shops. That’s right. You’re favorite pub might be a giant converted restroom.

These photos are both eery and frustrating. There are definitely still plenty of public bathrooms for the drunken lads of the London night, yet nothing for the women.

That’s right. I’m gonna make this article about weird old bathrooms a feminist issue. Come at me.

Girls go out and drink too! Maybe London should look into resurrecting these creepy af loos?

via Smith Journal and Deserted Places