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Photographer Captures The Unicorn Of Photos

Selin Kilic October 18, 2016 October 18th, 2016

I know this sounds stupid, but photographers literally amaze me. They can capture a beautiful moment in a normally ugly, chaotic scenario. They can permanently encapsulate an otherwise fleeting moment. And nature photographers, like damn, I have got to give it to them, because they spend hours just to get the perfect shot. I’ve tried that sh*t, and let me tell you, it is NOT easy.

With that being said, I have got to give high-fives all around to photographer Mike Mezeul II, who basically got the photo to top all other photos, the holy trifecta, so the speak. He not only captured lava flowing, but he was magically able to somehow squeeze in our Milky Way galaxy AND, and I’m not done yet, he got a f*cking meteor as it flew by overhead.

Like what the what? He can go sell this print and retire now. Bucket list level unlocked.


Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii

It looks unreal. My jealousy is actually overflowing right now into non-sensical rage. And he’s all casual nonchalant about it like,“All I wanted was to capture an image of lava with a nice sunset.” Oh is that all!? Good for you, because you got so much more.

No, now that my temper tantrum is over, it is actually really lovely how humble he is:

“A sliver of the moon was out that night, so I knew photographing the Milky Way with the lava might be an issue as the moonlight may wash out the stars, but I had to try. Just as twilight was fading, I took three shots. The first two showed the Milky Way, moon, and lava all together and I was thrilled. As I fixed a few things with my composition and took another shot, the meteor came through my frame.”

“At that point, I knew I couldn’t ever top that shot. Let’s be real, even if a unicorn came into frame.”

A unicorn basically did, Mezeul.

For those who doubt the authenticity of this photo, he even hooks us up with his camera setting used to capture this epic pic: ISO 2500, F2.8, 25.

Here are some more pictures from his time photographing Hawaii’s Volcanoes National Park:



Source: Buzzfeed