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Petition for Tituss Burgess to Play Ursula the Witch from The Little Mermaid

Miri Malek May 25, 2017 June 6th, 2017

We love Tituss Burgess as his almost-namesake almost-biographical slightly-caricatured character Titus Andromeda in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. IRL Tituss is a former Broadway performer, but he hasn’t lost any of his voice or drama since moving to television. At the Vulture Festival in New York Saturday night, he revealed that in his Broadway past he played Sebastian the crab in a Broadway adaptation of The Little Mermaid, but really, he wanted the producers to cast him differently. Take a wild guess who that would be?

While introducing his new wine brand, he sang a few solo pieces, accompanied by a live pianist. Qué classy. The moment that really blew the crowd away was his performance of “Poor Unfortunate Souls,” Sea Witch Ursula’s musical number in The Little Mermaid. We’re counting this as a public audition for the next reboot of the musical favorite. ABC is doing a live-for-TV remake to premiere in October, and there’s talk of another reboot that has Lin-Manuel Miranda on the team (fingers crossed!). For us, he’s already got the part.

So, here we are, requesting that one of you please make a petition ( to cast Tituss Burgess as Ursula the Sea Witch in literally any musical upcoming remake of The Little Mermaid,  because we’re too lazy to make one ourselves. Check out his performance here:

Haven’t got enough of Tituss the Musical? You can keep watching this teaser for the new season of Unbreakable, in which Titus parodies Lemonade, wearing a (creative bootleg) of Roberto Cavalli’s now famous yellow dress in Hold Up. And he smashes a car window too, but in his version, the moment of heartbroken badassery is interrupted. You’ll see 😉