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Outdoor Research Rebutted Mindlessly Sexist GQ Article with a Whole Lot of Snark

Selin Kilic September 27, 2016 September 27th, 2016

Last week GQ Magazine posted an article mixing mens fashion and rock climbing with just a tinge of sexism (and by tinge I mean it was riddled with it).

In said article, GQ features some famous male rock climbers, along with some side chicks they admit are there just to look pretty. They write seriously: we took three premier climbers and a couple of cute friends weekend warrioring” 

We were truly hoping by ‘cute friends’ they meant dogs, it would have been the only saving grace, but no.


In a glorious response piece, Outdoor Research perfectly recreated the articles content in full, but in inverse. Instead they wrote: So we took three A-number-1 climbers and some adorable friends out for a weekend jaunt where all the far-out cool kids go—Vantage.


As per OR’s suggestion, we’ve checked the GQ version out, side by side with their gallery. You should too:






This response deserves to be more than highlighted, but commended for the absurdity of it all. Good on you OR!

See the whole piece from Outdoor Research. And just for good measure, check out the GQ piece for your own comparisons.


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