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OTT Fan Creates the Ultimate Harry Potter Christmas Tree [Images]

Audrey O'Brien November 28, 2016 November 28th, 2016

Harry Potter and Christmas are naturally linked thanks to Freeform’s ABC Family’s ’25 Days of Christmas.’ This holiday season, Kathryn Burnett, a massive HP fan, spent 8 hours completing a Christmas tree that would make J.K. Rowling proud (really – she liked a post about it on Twitter).

The Seaham, County Durham native has visited the Warner Bros Studio tour 11 times and has put all that good Potterhead knowledge to use when decorating her tree.

Where did she get the goods to complete the piece? She said:

A lot of the decorations aren’t tree decorations, but I’ve managed to attach them. It started off where I was doodling a little idea then I got really excited about it and gave it a go. The more I collected the more excited I got about completing it.

Burnett didn’t expect her tree to go viral: a picture posted by a friend on Facebook now has 25,800 shares, but everyone loves a little good cheer and creativity during the holiday! Here’s to hoping she comes up with even more fantastical creations – no matter how much Umbridge hates it.

via Metro UK