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Other Countries Have Been Having “American Parties” This Whole Time And This Is What That Looks like

Gina Ginsberg May 9, 2017 May 9th, 2017

What’s an American-themed party you ask? It’s mostly house parties which feature cultural staples like red solo cups and fried food. And denim. Take a look at the world’s vision of what we look like when we drink, it is hilarious:

Morocco for example…

Get your ticket to the club

Or go to someone’s “house party”

Note the guy in the middle of an all-American bro dance and the RED CUPS.

People love those red cups 

They love em! 

They go crazy with em, building pyramids and shit. 

They get real creative with those cups. Like dressing as the cups. 

Or wearing them as little hats. 

They like marshmallows served by themselves next to the cups 

Oh wait, what does the sign say?  

LSD marshmallows, ok! Is that an American thing? I guess I am not invited to those ones 🙁

American-themed birthdays are a thing. Check out this burger cake: 

Also a nod to the globalization fast foo chains / pizza and fried chicken next to a nice view of somewhere in Europe

And just fried food in general like this one in Japan 

More fried food fun in Japan 

Oh and they love beer pong for sure and bud light

Here is an American party in Norway 



And the best is this one in Poland 

Uh yeah… Pocahontas is on in the background and I love how awkward that is

So enjoy the rest of the work week wherever you are in the world, and remember, come the weekend, it’s work hard play hard. The true American way!



Via: Buzzfeed