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Opposites Attract? Vogue and VICE Announce an Unlikely Collaboration

Sara Elliot October 25, 2017 October 25th, 2017

What do Vogue and VICE have in common? Not much, probably, but that hasn’t stopped the unlikeliest (and coolest) of collaborations from happening.

Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg, anyone?

In early 2018, we’ll be seeing a new, unlikely collaboration. Bangs or beards, florals or tattoos, haute couture or hangovers, these striking opposites will find common ground in a first-of-its-kind editorial collaboration. Vogue and VICE come together in Project Vs. This multi-platform partnership will showcase the best of both brands: relevant and exciting storytelling on the issues, figures, and movements that matter.

A joint team of editors will be working on videos, photos, and long-form stories on current issues and culture. You can expect weekly themed coverage that pairs two very distinct editorial voices on the same crucial topics.

Like a pop-up shop, this experiment of sorts will run for 100 days.

Though this may seem a surprising prospect, Claudia Cahill, of Omnicom Media Group, thinks alliances like this one might become the norm. According to her, advertisers need seamless interplay between traditional media and emerging digital and social techniques. This kind of stuff can only be found when experts from these areas collaborate.

Tom Punch, VICE’s chief commercial and creative officer, described the collaboration as a “high speed collision”. He also explained that the project will juxtapose “the many social, political, and cultural tensions of our times to create a capsule commentary on the world we live in.”

Anna Wintour, Vogue’s editor-in-chief, is positive that this will produce relevant and exciting stories. “Vogue and VICE may appear to some to see the world through different lenses, but, in my view, both are fearless and breathtaking, with unquenchable curiosity and vigor.”

This is a really exciting prospect for journalists who seek to tell stories and reach their audiences in new ways. As Vogue’s team puts it: “in a world that’s more divided than ever, both Vogue and VICE stand for a commitment to cultural vibrancy, engaged conversation, and telling the stories that bring us together.”

Check out the launch video on Vogue.