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Opening Chrome Tabs Just Got A Whole Lot Cuter With “Tabby Cat”

Selin Kilic February 19, 2016 February 23rd, 2017

Everyone knows that cats rule the internet. There’s even a new exhibit at New York’s Museum of the Moving Image about it.

But Google Chrome just took the world one step further into total cat dominance with it’s release of Tabby Cat. Once installed, the extension adorns all new tabs in Chrome with an adorable cartoon cat, alongside names that range anywhere from sweet to outright comedic.


Your new (Tab)by cat friend blinks, sleeps, and even lets you pet them. Some people may call this new extension useless, but we can all agree there’s nothing better than being greeted by a cute, happy cat that brings just a little bit of joy (and goodies to dress your new feline friend with) to an otherwise desolate, depressive, and mentally draining work day. Especially if it’s a Monday.

As if Tabby Cat couldn’t get more purrfect, they have also just added a new feature called Combo Kitties, which ups the cute factor with kittens!

You can download this small ray of sunshine and inject a bit of happiness into your dreary life here: