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The Nokia 3310 “Brick Phone” Just Got a Makeover

Miri Malek May 11, 2017 May 11th, 2017

In all likelihood, your first phone was probably the Nokia 3310. Or maybe it was your mom’s first phone. No? Let me remind you. It had a black-and-white screen, you had to type texts on the number pad, and a ringtone that sounded like this:


The phone was renowned as being nearly indestructible, which elevated it to a cult status over the years. I had one, and it somehow ended up in the dryer, twice. The first time, the phone came out working like new. The second, the phone was fine again, but it broke the dryer. There’s a reason it was nicknamed the “brick.”

The phone was originally released in 2000, and was regrettably discontinued in 2005. Just 12 years after being discontinued, the model is being re-released, updated and in color. Words like “vintage,” and “retro,” being thrown around, and even if I’m not one to jump on nostalgic hype, I can’t disagree. Just look at it. It looks like a historical artifact.

These fossils will outlast all of us.


Now for the new one.

The official website advertises its three most important characteristics: “Battery standby for up to a month.” You won’t be asking a group of strangers if any of them has a charger anytime soon.

“Four colors to choose from.” That’s red, yellow, blue, and grey. None of them being rosegold.

“Play the classic Snake.” Ok, I’m hooked. Sold!


There are no frills with this one. The camera shoots in 2MP– To help you comprehend this, keep in mind the iPhone 7 shoots at 12MP. It doesn’t matter, since although the 3310 can ostensibly connect to the internet, it’s not meant for apps, so you won’t be able to post your blurry back-camera selfies on Instagram anytime soon. Oh, and there’s no touchscreen. Buttons are making a comeback.

It’s cheap, and at 49 ($53 USD) you can fill your coat pockets with these phones and still spend less than you would one a single iPhone. That’s why they’re being marketed as festival phones, the kind of phone you wouldn’t mind getting rained on or being sucked into a mud pit while you’re otherwise busy rocking out to the Foo Fighters.
The new version was officially premiered in February at the Mobile World Conference, and after much anticipation, Nokia finally announced that that the phone will be available in the UK on May 24. However, this version of the 3310 is incompatible with US networks, so those of us in the States will have to wait to get our hands on our much-loved brick phone.