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No Need For The Ovary-action: Men Stop Birth Control Trial Due To Inconvenient Side Effects

Selin Kilic November 1, 2016 November 1st, 2016

WOW! Men are seriously letting women everywhere down. And I’d like to say, without sounding a bit ’emotional’ here, that men are LITERALLY never allowed to call women crazy again. Why? Because men are pulling out, so to speak, of a birth control trail for experiencing these side effects: Depression, muscle pain, mood swings, acne, and changes in libido – sound familiar anyone? ANYONE? Oh yeah that’s right, every single female currently on birth control already knows about these because 40% of birth control users (all female, mind you) suffer from these same symptoms.

Seriously, 20 out of 320 participants – only 6.2% – dropped out of this birth control study because of the side effects, cutting the actual successful trial (96% effective) short. And btw – researchers confirmed that 39% of those side effects weren’t even caused by the shot. Forgive me for being ‘brash’ but WT actual F?

So to break down the actual stats:

“Six men left due to changes in mood; six for acne, pain, or “panic” at first injections, palpitations, hypertension, or erectile dysfunction; and eight for more than one symptom.”

Again, just WOW. No words.

So another year, another promise for a groundbreaking male contraceptive being right around the corner. This time, it was within our grasp, but due to the legitimately miserable side effects women have been handling for decades, we cannot proceed – for now.

It would be nice to share the responsibility equally, seeing as both men and women are required for pregnancy, yet the burden of preventing it will just continue fall on one gender for now.

That being said, I would like to commend the other “75% of the men who took part in the trial [who] would be willing to use this method of contraception again.”

There is still hope. Maybe next year, guys.

Source: BuzzFeed