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NHS Email Chain Goes Horribly Wrong

Wyatt Otero November 15, 2016 November 15th, 2016

An email chain just caused a major disruption as NHS, after a simple test email was accidentally sent to 1.2 million employees.

It was a blank subject, and the only thing in the email was the word “test” …but thats all it took to take em down. Somehow, the email was sent out to a list that contained every single employee in the company (as stated, 1.2 million of them) which effectively clogged up and slowed down their entire server.

But then it gets worse.

Some eighty or so people, decided it was a good idea to respond to the test email with a reply-all (you can only imagine the responses: “huh?” “what?” or “it works.”) Thereby multiplying the problem 80-fold, or by the number of people who responded.

So now you have something like eighty-five emails being sent and re-sent to over a million people on the same server.

That’s too many emails folks.

The IT staff are working to remove the distribution list and fix the problem. But the work is, as of 1pm…..ongoing.

Good luck.

Source: Wired