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NFL Player Logan Ryan Pays Off His Brother’s Student Loans For His Birthday

Katie Park July 12, 2017 July 12th, 2017 Logan Ryan

After spending his first four years with the New England Patriots, Logan Ryan signed a $30 million three-year contract with the Tennessee Titans this past June. His first deed after signing: pay off all of his older brother’s student loan debt.

For his brother Jordan’s 29th birthday, Logan surprised him by handing him a bottle of Jack Daniels, then leading him outside where he gave Jordan an oversized check for $82,000.

Jordan, an engineer who graduated from Drexel University, is now debt free thanks to his brother.

According to the Titan’s team website, Logan said,

“My brother, he’s texted me after every game, and he’s been on my side since I was little. He helped me put on my shoulder pads when I was little. And he’s never asked me for a dime. He’s never asked for money. He went to work every day, paid his loan and bills like everybody else and never once asked me for a penny. To see the amount of stress student loans can put on people, good people who work hard. To be able to free him up, it was an awesome moment. It’s something I’d been wanting to do for a long time. It was the best feeling in the world.”

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