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This New Dating App Might be Too Brutally Honest

Elizabeth Goldstein May 17, 2017 June 6th, 2017

Ever wonder where you went wrong with an ex? Or find yourself making the same mistake, choosing virtually the same crappy partner again? And again? Time to break the cycle. If you’re ready for an app to be brutally honest with you.

The new dating app Evolve is calling itself the world’s first “Dating & Relationship Manager.” It uses information you put in from past hookups to help dictate future experiences.

Profiles on a Cellphone

So basically, time to learn from your mistakes, buddy.

First, evolve-users enter information about past relationships. You answer questions like, ‘how many people do you typically date at once?’ and ‘where are the most successful dates coming from?’

But then it gets even more savage. You actually rate the people you are dating. You can either screenshot a match’s profile, or enter the the information manually yourself. You can add pros and cons, and ultimately rate on a scale of 1-10 things like ‘looks,’ ‘smarts,’ and ‘compatibility.’ And at the end of a date, go ahead and write in if you would like to be physical with your date; perhaps a ‘smooch’ or ‘more.’

Hand holding phone using the Evolve app.

Sound too harsh? Love is more abstract than that? Eric Boutin, one of the developer’s of the app, insists it’s not about categorizing, “Daters are typically already on several matching sites so there was no need for more matching sites. It’s about what you do after you meet somebody. And it isn’t really about categorizing other people — it’s about giving insights into yourself, so you can see maybe where you’ve been going wrong.”

Let’s be honest, Evolve is ultimately a good way of getting your dating life figured out. Although you just have to deal with the idea of somebody else making you into a pros and cons list…