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Need To Rent A Tractor? There’s An App For That

Audrey O'Brien October 19, 2016 October 19th, 2016

I’m so glad I live in the age of apps. Whether you need to find a clean public restroom, or are too lazy to put your own groceries away, someone, somewhere has already thought of it and used their big nerd brain to put it into app form.

No matter how bizarrely specific your problem, you can be assured a solution is in the palm of your hand (or, if you have a giant-ass Galaxy phone, the palms of your two hands because, let’s be real, that’s a tablet).

A new example of this has sprung up in India, where an app similar to Uber has been developed to help small-scale farmers cut costs.

The app, named Trringo, was created by manufacturer Mahindra and Mahindra; it offers hourly rentals of tractors for about 400 to 700 rupees (about 6 USD). Chief Executive Rajesh Jejurikar explained that the app was made because the previous system of small farmers having to rent expensive tractors because they could not afford their own was humiliating. The farmers often felt like they had to “beg for it” which in turn took “a toll on the self-esteem of the farmer.”

As rural India does not have much internet access, this service will be available via call center. If the app is successful, it might expand to renting other farm equipment as well.

It’s always nice to see the big guys in charge looking out for the little guy.

via BBC