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This Musical Map Creates The Most American Playlist Of All Time

Katie Cannon October 10, 2016 October 10th, 2016

Ever hear a the first chords of a certain song and find yourself instantly transported–to another time, another state, another memory? A song that’s so intrinsically connected to a particular feeling or place in your imagination that those lyrics are melodies feel like its end-all be-all expression?

It might be linked to childhood adventures, teen angst, or pivotal life events. Or there might be something about the song that inexplicably feels like home. But we’ve all got that one song that seems to sum it all up–and that’s the phenomenon the folks over at Brooklyn Magazine explore in their “Musical Map of The United States.”

In this study, all 50 states of the U.S. have a unique flavor that only music can fully articulate; one writer has been assigned to select a song for a particular state, along with a short essay describing their reasons, which you can read on the BK Mag website. Some are slightly obvious, linked to the musician’s home state or the subject matter of the song; others are much more personal, more abstract justifications.   It’s a super interesting read, and an even better listen. (There’s a Spotify playlist at the bottom of the article for you to check out.)

Here’s a closer look at each region:

The Pacific Northwest (ish)



The Southwest



The Midwest



The South




New England



Alaska & Hawaii



What song did the map associate with your home state? Is it a good fit–or would you choose something else?

Via Brooklyn Magazine