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Multi-Cultural Monsters Prove You’ll Never Escape Horror

Selin Kilic October 13, 2016 October 13th, 2016

A Reddit post asked people from around the world what the creepiest creature of folklore that haunted their country was, and people got really into it. (WARNING: Pictures are accompanying these)

We got answers from Sweden:

There’s the “Näcken, a naked old man that lives in rivers and ponds and plays a violin that places you into a trance. He then lures you into whatever source of whatever he lives in and drowns you.”


Some that were Finnish:

The mylingar which are “undead/ghosts from infants murdered by their mothers that essentially haunt the places with their cries” until they could make their wishes known.


A few from Norway:

The Draugen who “is, essentially, the ghost of a person who has died at sea. He can be seen on stormy nights, sailing in the splintered half of a boat with shredded sails. His face is fish-like, with soulless, black eyes and a wide, gaping mouth, and he has kelp and seaweed for hair. Sailors and fishermen foolish enough to head out to sea at night may hear only its shriek before they are pulled beneath the waves, only to return as Draugen themselves, doomed to haunt the waters forever.”


And the brother of this fish thing is the Dodraugen, which is basically a poop monster: “more modern brother of Draugen, this guy lives in your toilet pipes and takes bad children when they sit down to poop.”


There’s also this one from the Philippine’s, which is basically the same as the one from Finland (Apparently there’s a Trinidadian version of this popular one as well):

Tiyanak or impakto, another mythical creature in the Philippine Mythology, are babies who died before receiving baptism rites. After death, they go to a place known as Limbo, a chamber of Hell where unbaptized dead people fall into, and transformed into evil spirits.


One from English folklore:

“Black Annis – In a grim, remote Leicestershire cave hewn with her own scraping, steel-clawed hands, the old crone Black Annis was said to hang the trophy skins of flayed children. A terrifying, lonely creature which lived in the branches of a gnarled great oak- the lone remnant of a long-dead great forest- Black Annis was thought to have been the husk of a forgotten dark Pagan Goddess.”


A creepy old lady in Russia:

The Baba Yega “is an old woman who lives in the deep forest in a wooden house with chicken legs. She eats people who come upon her dwelling.”

“She’s supposed to have iron teeth, and is as old as the world itself. She knows everything, and if you can survive her tasks and display proper respect and manners, she MIGHT let you ask a question”


And in North America (Canada/Northern Native American) theres this thing:

The wendigo “used to be a person that once upon a time tainted his/her soul and ate human flesh. The wendigo became so consumed with flesh after that that it became insatiable. all attempts it makes at feeding itself grows the wendigo and doesn’t satiate it. They are said to have eaten their own lips because they just couldn’t resist.

As the legends go you should be careful while walking the forests. As the wendigo might capture you and eat you. But it won’t just eat you in one go. It’s used to hunger. It’ll keep you alive as long as possible so that it has a food source for as long as it can during the winter.”


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