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How Much Halloween Candy Can You Eat Before It Literally Kills You? [VIDEO]

Katie Cannon October 27, 2016 October 27th, 2016

“Death by chocolate” is the name of a dessert item at pretty much every restaurant with any self-respect, and tbh, it’s always sounded like a pretty stellar way to go. Except it’s not just an Applebee’s dessert, guys. IT’S A HYPOTHETICAL REALITY.

Eating too much candy in one sitting–in one sitting, not even a slow but delicious decline brought on by high cholesterol or extreme diabetes–can actually kill you. And with Halloween a mere 4 days away, this has got us slightly concerned. Where is line between a food coma and a fatal sugar crash? ‘Cause I’m really not tryna flatline on Snickers bars.

Fortunately, Tthe scientists at the Youtube channel Reactions (sponsored by the American Chemical Society, so you know it’s legit) has done the math to figure out just how much sugar the average body can take before it goes out.

Unfortunately, the numbers are lower than I would’ve thought–I was expecting  laughably astronomical amounts. I mean, I’m not saying I could definitely eat 1200 pieces of candy corn in one sitting. But I’m also not saying I definitely couldn’t.nd as much of the science flies right over my English major head, I’m going to take their word for it. These are, however, just the calculations for the average-sized Americans, so different bodies wil have different limits. For figuring out your personal candy death-stroke, they’ve provided a handy little equation.

Check it out:

You heard ’em. Know your limits. You don’t want to be the asshole strapped to a gurney because he way over-indulged on Almond Joys–especially because Almond Joys are disgusting.

Be safe out there, guys.

Via AV Club