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MODERN FAMILY Has Cast Network TV’s First-Ever Transgender Child Actor

Katie Cannon September 28, 2016 September 28th, 2016

MODERN FAMILY is staying true to its name this season. In casting adorable 8-year-old trans actor Jackson Millarker, the show embraces America’s changing climate regarding childhood gender & sexuality, in which kids are increasingly encouraged to define their gender identity on their own terms.

In the 2nd episode of season 8, gay couple Mitchell and Cam are thrilled to find out that  Lily has befriended a transgender boy at school, hoping that their daughter’s finally grown out of that bitchy phase and is becoming more accepting of others. Alas, young Lily’s still throwing shade left and right, it seems, and is caught making fun of her new friend.

Millarker, who plays Lily’s trans classmate, hails from Atlanta, GA and is just the CUTEST. And now he’s the first-ever openly trans child actor to be cast on network television. Congrats, Jackson!

Via Cinemablend