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Mindy Kaling Is F-ing Incredible And Is Doing Literally EVERYTHING Right Now

Katie Cannon October 7, 2016 October 7th, 2016

All Hail Mindy Kaling, Queen of Comedy.

Like many of us, you probably thought Kaling had reached her creative peak. This goddess couldn’t possibly have any more going for her, right? I mean, creating, writing, and and starring in the MINDY PROJECT (not to mention that 9-year long THE OFFICE run)? Not one but TWO hilarious and inspiring memoirs? Where could this bad bitch possibly go from here? How can you outdo yourself when you’re already the actual fucking best? SO MANY QUESTION MARKS.

But much like the Bachman Turner Overdrive, we had not seen nothing yet. Now, truly, begins the true Golden Age of Mindy. Her slate is packed to the brim with amazing new content, and our own hearts runneth over with anticipation for the fruits of her genius. Lemme give you a quick breakdown of all the ways in which Mindy is killing it right now:

  1. She’s still making the incredible MINDY PROJECT; even after being cancelled by the dunderheads at Fox, everybody’s favorite gynologist picked herself up by her fabulous bootstraps and got picked up by Hulu. Season 5 just premiered this week. Life makes sense again.
  2. BUT NEW THINGS ARE ALSO HAPPENING. Mindy’s starring as one of eight brilliant heisters in OCEAN’S EIGHT (an all-female reboot of the OCEAN’S 11 franchise), along with Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, motherfucking Rihanna, Anne Hathaway, Helena Bonham Carter, and Awkwafina. Production begins in NYC this month, with a release date set for June 8.
  3. THEN she’s going to head full-force into her next project, a film adaptation of your childhood’s first and most beloved sci-fi/fantasy saga: A WRINKLE IN TIME. Along with Oprah goddamn Winfrey and Reese Witherspoon in a trio of ethereal space ladies, Kaling will play “Mrs. Who,” a bookwormy being with a penchant for quoting literature. Seriously?
  4. Finally, it’s just been announced that somehow, on top of all this other stuff, Kaling has found to time to develop ANOTHER TV PILOT. Her new NBC venture will tell the tale of two handsome slacker brothers whose lives are turned metaphorically upside down by the sudden appearance of the older brother’s heretofore unknown love child. So while it’s a far cry from MINDY PROJECT territory (and honestly doesn’t sound as good?), if it’s got Mindy’s hands on it I AM ON BOARD.

Really, I just wanted to take a moment to appreciate Mindy and all the great TV (and reading material) she’s given us, and to gladly usher in her glorious transition to the big screen. Kaling is the reason phrases like “what CAN’T she do?” exist and immediately become cliché.

Because, seriously: WHAT CAN’T SHE DO?