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Miley Cyrus Gives Us 90’s Vibes In This Throwback Pic With Hanson

Sophia Castany June 7, 2017 June 15th, 2017

Miley Cyrus took to her Instagram to post a #throwback picture of her and her siblings meeting Hanson during the 90’s. Cyrus, now 24, sounds just as excited as we were when we first saw the adorable and nostalgic picture!

In the post, Miley makes sure to single out all of her siblings and shares what she loves about them in the picture. She even gives her youngest sister Noah Cyrus a special shoutout even though she wasn’t there because she hadn’t been born yet.

Needless to say that the 90’s were iconic for its iconic sense of style and the hair. Oh the hair. Let’s just say that it took us a while to recognize Miley Cyrus without her now signature blonde hair and the boys from Hanson who all finally got a haircut.