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Michigan City Steals Another Michigan City’s World Ice Cream Sundae Record

Katie Cannon January 9, 2017 January 9th, 2017

When you play theĀ game of enormous ice cream sundaes, you win, or you melt.

Just three months after creating the world’s longest ice cream sundae, Ludington, Michigan’s record-breaking title was usurped by Nashville, another Michigan town over 100 miles to the southeast.

Ludington’s House of Flavors had constructed an giant sundae measuring 2,960 feet, a feat that filled the belly of thousands of sweet-toothed Lake Michigonians; little did they know that there were spying eyes in the crowd, looking to refine their technique and steal their crown. In September, Nashville’s Moo-ville Creamery built a rival sundae–3,656 feet long.

The sheer enormity of the sundae was such that it outgrew Nashville’s main thoroughfare; they had to build two dessert tracks next to each other to accommodate it.

What I’m personally curious is about the funding behind the unnecessarily large ice cream monstrosties–is this where Michigan’s public works budget goes?

This may the shadiest thing to ever happen on the Great Lakes.


Via The Public Opinion