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Mexican Celebrities Use Their Star Power for Good

Sara Elliot September 26, 2017 September 26th, 2017

As you may have seen on the news, Mexico was hit by a 7.1 magnitude earthquake on September 19. The main areas affected were Mexico City, and the states of Puebla, Morelos, Oaxaca and Guerrero.

Power and phone lines were down for several days, people had trouble communicating with loved ones, and rescue brigades rushed across the city to pull survivors out of the rubble. Thousands of ordinary citizens went from their everyday routines to volunteering and sending supplies to the affected areas, and celebrities did not shy away from helping out too.

Here are three Mexicans who used their celebrity power to help their country this last week:

#1 Guillermo del Toro 
You may know him as the director of “Hellboy”, “Pan’s Labyrinth” and most recently “The Shape of Water”. The award-winning writer, producer, and director used his Twitter account to broadcast urgent messages from people asking for help, resources, or looking for their loved ones.

“To whoever in Mexico that needs to publish urgent messages you can do it through my account. Just add @RealGDT and I will help”


#2 Diego Luna and Gael García

Diego Luna and Gael García are Mexican heartthrobs and real life BFFs. You may have seen them most recently in “Rogue One” and “Mozart in the Jungle”, respectively.
Both actors have been working as volunteers since day one. They have also joined forces with Ambulante to raise funds to rebuild hospitals, schools and homes. This grassroots organization will receive and distribute 100% of the funds to local organizations and social initiatives dedicated to helping those most affected by the earthquake.


#3 Belinda

Former child star and current pop star Belinda has throughly documented her support through her Instagram and Twitter accounts. The singer has been sharing updates nonstop, asking for resources and broadcasting donations she has received to find where they are needed, from oxygen tanks to rescue-dog boots.

“We also received a donation of boots for rescue dogs. Do you know where they might be needed? 🐶🙏”

Much has been done to help the people of Mexico, but there is still much left to do. If you would like to make a donation, you can check out Gael and Diego’s campaign, as well as UNICEF Mexico and Red Cross Mexico.